The comparison between the Lindhaus M28R universal floor and carpet nozzle, used with the new LB4 Superleggera backpack vacuum cleaner and one of the most commonly used nozzles on competitors’ machines actually on the market, praises the suction efficiency of the patented Lindhaus nozzle.

The test highlighted in the video, carried out according to the Eco Design standards, shows that with one pass only, the Lindhaus nozzle sucks almost completely the salt put in the groove (3 mm widths x 10 mm depth) while the competing nozzle, despite 5 passes, does not suck anything at all.

The test was carried out using a LB4 Superleggera vacuum cleaner in the electric version with 700W of power. The results are also great with the battery model L-ion although the power is 400W only. 

The exceptional suction of the M28R nozzle combines perfectly with its slidability on any surface thanks to the 4 rubber wheels. All Lindhaus vacuum cleaners and electric brooms are equipped with the Lindhaus universal nozzles (M28R, M29R, M32R) with the same patent designed to achieve the maximum suction.



Lindhaus M28R nozzle vs nozzle in use at competitors