Planned obsolescence is the industrial policy for which the life cycle of a product, or its duration, is
reduced, to make its useful life limited to a pre-established period. This is a daily concern for
consumers who notice the use of light bulbs, appliances, smartphones, LCD televisions etc. are
programmed to have a shorter and shorter life expectancy compared to the past – thus forcing the
consumer to purchase new products more frequently.

At Lindhaus our company philosophy is, and always has been, to ensure the maximum lifetime on
all our products. The Rotafil AC motors we use for our machines provide a lifetime of approximately
1100 hours, which translates to a minimum lifetime of 15 years domestically and 8 years professionally.
While DC motors used on all professional battery-powered machines provide approximately 3000
working hours. (However the majority of our customer feedback states the Lindhaus machines are
proving to last even longer than these statistics)

The basis of Lindhaus’ policy to provide the maximum lifetime on their machines starts with several strategic choices:


1. Rotafil motors with bar type commutator able to provide a lifetime of between 1100 and 3000
hours dpending on the application

2. All the moving parts of the machines (motors, transmission systems, and brush rollers) are
assembled on ball bearings to limit their wear, unlike most other products on the market that
use bushings subjected to early wear.

3. AGM OPTIMA batteries, used for multi-function machines for wide areas, such as the LW46 floor
scrubber and the LS50 carpet cleaner, (both hybrid models) last 1000 cycles, which is the longest
lifetime on the market, while the Lithium-ion batteries used on the LS38 mini vacuum sweeper,
the LW30 L-ion scrubber-dryer and the LB4 L-ion backpack vacuum provide 800 charging cycles.

4. Structural materials are maximum quality, high impact strength, resistant to chemical agents
and oher characteristics, thus allowing machines to maintain their strength over time.
Four little secrets that explain why Lindhaus machines last a lifetime.



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